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PERRY, KS. February 18, 2011

Solar Heat Exchange Manufacturing has partnered with select solar dealers to assist small businesses and communities in the purchasing and installation of solar hot water systems through the The USDA Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP) grant. This program utilizes a host of available incentives and rebates in combination with SHEM financing.

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PERRY, KS. October 27, 2010

We're hosting an open house demonstration & installation seminar from 9am-4pm this Saturday (October 30, 2010)! Come out to our offices for refreshment and lively discussion regarding solar hot water in YOUR home. "Final Weekend of the Month Clearance" on off-test Solar Hot Water Systems, sold complete! See pricing below:

$1,750 - 80 gallon drainback with two 4'x8' Novan flat plate collectors.
$2,000 - 80 gallon "E" drainback with internal electric element: One 4'x10' flat plate collector.
$1,850 - 80 gallon drainback with new Suntask 30 tube heat pipe evacuated tube array.
$2,000 - 120 gallon glycol system with two 20 tube heat pipe evacuated tube array

System installed value between $5,500 - $8,000. This is the first "Final Weekend of the Month Clearance" sale. We will hold our open house from 9am-4pm at our offices in Perry, KS. with free demos and installation seminar. Click here for directions »


LAWRENCE, KS. June 10, 2010

Solar Heat Exchange Manufacturing proposes "Thermal Challenge 2010" Contest open to the public.

The Challenge: Efficient design of solar thermal in residential new construction.
The Prize: Construction and monitoring of winning selection.
The Payoff: $1,000 in prizes for top three selections.

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LAWRENCE, KS. May 1, 2010
Solar Heat Exchange Manufacturing made the evening Channel 6 News on June 15th.  The station was reporting from the Douglas County Jail, where our team was installing the jail's brand new solar water system. The installation is expected to save $18,000 from the jail's budget during the next 15 years.SHEM in the News

Jails are ideal buildings for implementing solar water heating systems. Since most of the hot water usage occurs during the day time in a jail facility, this truly maximizes the efficiency of the system.

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PERRY, KS. May 1, 2009

Solar Heat Exchange Manufacturing to Announce New Simple Drainback System at SOLAR 2009

- Solar Heat Exchange Manufacturing, an innovative leader in the solar water heating industry, will introduce its newest product, the Simple Drainback Solar Water Heating System for residential and commercial applications at the ASES SOLAR 2009 tradeshow in Buffalo, NY.

The Simple Drainback System overcomes many of the challenges associated with traditional solar water heating systems. The patent pending system uses the tank to serve as both the storage tank and the drainback reservoir. The internal Hot Spring heat exchanger coil is piped to the domestic water line in order to transfer the stored heat to the domestic water line. This configuration allows for a single pump, a controller, and solar collectors to supply the system with solar energy.

“I have been installing solar water heating systems for nearly 30 years and am well aware of the numerous difficulties installers have to deal with. As we developed the Simple Drainback, we attempted to overcome all of the challenges associated with training dealers and installing solar hot water systems,” states Mr. Bruce Ewing, CEO of Solar Heat Exchange Manufacturing. “This system minimizes the number of connections required, minimizes the number of components and is even shipped to the dealer preprogrammed and ready for installation.”

The Simple Drainback uses the highest quality components and materials to provide the owner years of reliable service. The system ships assembled and preprogrammed including the tank, pump, and controller. Installers significantly reduce labor costs compared with traditional drainback systems in nearly any residential and many commercial applications.

Solar Heat Exchange Manufacturing is currently securing distributors and dealers across the United States to assist in the nationwide rollout of the new Simple Drainback System. This distribution network includes solar distributors, plumbing distributors, HVAC distributors, and other interested distributors who are entering into the renewable energy markets.

Solar Heat Exchange Manufacturing was founded in 2008 to develop and market a diverse line of products targeted at the solar industry. The Simple Drainback System is the first in a line of products the company is currently working to bring to the commercial marketplace.

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