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The Simple Drainback SystemThe Difference Is Elemental. The Simple Drainback is an all American innovation in solar hot water! Combining robust components with an elegantly simple design results in a highly competent, low cost, long life solar thermal system. The Simple Drainback's load side heat exchange design offers simplicity and versatility at game changing prices!

We invite you to compare a SHEM system with that of any competitors.

What is the Simple Drainback system? More than you'd think!

Primer in Installation. Please see the Installation page for videos, tutorials, and installation diagrams.

Thermosiphon Plumbing? Absolutely!!! Click Here for an article detailing the 'how-to' of thermosiphon connecting the Simple Drainback to existing hot water systems, storage tanks, or wood stoves. Using the natural boyancy of hot water is a natural! The Simple Drainback's design is perfect for this type of connection.

California Sales and Service Office Now Open: The California Solar Thermal Initiative promises some of the largest solar thermal incentives available on the planet. These incentives won't last. We've opened a California sales and support office, and are stocking our entire line of tanks, flat plate and tube collectors.

Learn to Navigate the CSI Thermal Incentive Process, and check out our California service! Our goal is world class products, prices and support!

Off Grid Simple DrainbackOTHER NEWS:
The new “Off-Grid” Simple Drainback solar hot water system has all the features demanded by off-grid households! Laing D5 dc pumps can be powered by battery, by direct tie to existing panels, or by a stand-alone 100 watt panel. The drainback configuration eliminates summer glycol overheating and winter freezing by simply shutting down, with no inverter or battery torture issues!

Installation is made less expensive and easier when you order our Hardware Store Package, a box full of fittings, valves and other necessities for common installations. Simply return what you don’t use!

This website has every resource you'll need. New to Solar Thermal? Read Why Solar Hot Water. Want to know more? The Site Evaluation section offers a wealth of infomation to help you design your system. Need more help? Please, don't hesitate to Contact Us
UNDERSTANDING SOLAR FRACTION: Let's get back to basics. Realistically, how can you benefit from solar energy today? Read about solar energy provided by the Simple Drainback System»

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